Consecrated Life Bookmarks

an anchor to your soul as you fulfill your divine assignments!

Do you desire to live a Consecrated Life?

To really trust God with your heart, your mind, your soul, and all you have?

I love this poem and the way it was delivered to me. God is in the details. He wants you to TRUST HIM completely and CHOOSE to let Him guide your life!

This bookmark is here to be an anchor to your heart and mind and bring you back to center when you get caught in the storms and distractions of life.

My hope is that it will find a place in your book, your scriptures, your journal, on your fridge, in your purse... in a gift to a friend and to the stranger you are nudged to share with!

It is for family gifts, retreat gifts, for Relief Societies and other Christian organizations. It is for YOU!

May you live everyday with faith and confidence as you fulfill your divine mission!

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