Bring Your Questions - Let God Answer!

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As we prepare for General Conference, ponder on the questions you need answered in your life...

  • What can I do to invite more peace into my life?

  • Who do I need to reach out to?

  • How Do I move forward?

  • What are my Spiritual Gifts?

  • Teach me how I hear the Spirit?

  • What can I do to strengthen my marriage?

  • What divine assignments do you have for me?

  • How can I better connect with my children?

  • Who do you need me to serve?

  • How would you have me use my talents?

  • What holy habits do I need to improve?

  • Who am I? What is my mission?

  • I need to feel your love. Will you give me a witness?

  • I desire a sure witness of the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the church

  • What can I do to help my sister/friend/etc?

  • Please help me see the things that I am missing


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  • Print & use it for yourself

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  • Make and deliver them to your ministering families

  • Print & Share with your Christian friends that also seek Jesus

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What's Included/Inside?

  • Quotes of the promised blessings we can choose to receive

  • Pages for questions/answers

  • Journal page for reflections

  • Pdf for easy printing from any computer

  • Printing instructions page

* Cover image has been updated to work over and over again for each year

Bonus Gift

For those who may just want to start with one question...

What's Included/Inside?

  • Simple Question Card you can use again and again... print as many as you like!
  • Printing Instructions
  • An invitation to draw closer to Christ

For those who love an origin story...

Where it all Began... (April 2020)

I know I love stories of how things came to be, so I'll share this one.

I have been an avid note-taker at General Conference for YEARS!! I write questions and insights in my journal... then that journal gets full and put on a shelf with the others.

I was studying a conference talk the other day and thought... I want to put my questions down NOW. So I grabbed some index cards and started writing. The Spirit was right there guiding me to leave space for the answers, so I did. I found that God has already given me some of the answers in the last couple of days and General Conference isn't for 3 more days.

I KNOW the power of Personal Revelation and it is one of my most valued gifts.

This morning in my meditation I received the prompting to make this booklet for me...

but also FOR YOU!

This is a small way I can use my talents with technology and design to bless others. It's helping me grow in all kinds of ways by putting it up on a quick and not super graphically pretty website.

I have promised Him that when He asks, I will obey. So here it is.

I am totally in love with it and I'll be making another version later for the everyday questions. If you want that one, be sure to signup on The Consecrated Life Project so you can get the email.

Thank You for downloading . . . PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY, EVERYONE!!! If there is one thing we really need right now... It is more personal revelation and the courage to act on the promptings.

God is aware of us and so ready to help if we turn to Him.

May the peace of Christ fill your heart and strengthen your soul-

P.S. This is a beautiful tool that can be used at all times of year to keep track of your questions and answers from heaven. I love the new cover with Jesus. HE is the one we listen to. His messages are delivered through His mortal servants and the power of the Holy Ghost. I hope you love it as much as I do!

What is General Conference??

If you happened upon this page and don't quite understand why I am so excited... This may help.

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