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Find Strength & Support in Learning to Let HIM Lead Your Life!!

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Have you ever seen someone and thought,

"Wow! They are so amazing! I love the light in their eyes and the depth of their faith!"

Do you ever wish you could just be a fly on the wall,

or see what they have gone through to get to that place of peace and full confidence in Christ?

I know I have.

It was almost beyond my ability to grasp what it would be like to have that kind of faith

and share with that much heart and passion.

The decision to make Jesus the center of my life and develop a strong personal relationship with Him is the best decision I ever made. I stand all amazed at the goodness of God who helps me strengthen my faith everyday and now I can lift and strengthen others on their journeys.


Do you feel like living a CONSECRATED LIFE is what you want in your heart,

but you are not sure how to get there? or just love learning from others on the path of discipleship?


Join us as we interview people who have chosen to let God guide their lives...

people at all stages of the journey.

Learn how to feel and recognize promptings, how to get through trials with faith,

and how to press on when it seems everything is falling apart.

It's about FAITH, It's about LOVE. It's about SHARING FROM THE HEART - authentically.

Listen in to our conversations and find the PEACE, JOY, and CONFIDENCE in CHRIST

to choose into your divine mission, act in faith, and watch as

heaven shows up to support you in doing things you thought were impossible!





Come Unto Jesus. He is the way. He is the truth. He is the life.

He is the Ultimate Healer of all.

He has great plans for you and your life.

Open your heart and your mind to receive the help and guidance He desires to give you!

What Others are Saying...

"The Consecrated Life Project brought me back home. I had let myself drift and I didn't even realize how far I had gone until this project. It brought me back to a place that I didn't even know I had been missing. It deepened my relationship with myself and with God. Now I am creating with HIM! My life is full of Joy! Thank you, Livia.”

-Cytel Schults

“I was feeling so much sadness. I didn't want to face the day in front of me. It was really heavy. After connecting with Livia, I felt so lifted and loved. She helped me have a new perspective. She went over and above to make me feel loved and reminded me of so many important things. She walked with me, hugged me, and taught me. I felt really cared for. Livia is kind, loving, and supportive. She is a gift and a light in my life!"  - Kami Brandt

"I resonated with it because I do feel that I have a purpose on earth. My why comes out when I read this [Consecrated Life Poem]. I know I have a divine mission to fulfill and I have the power to push through my blocks and walls... the Lord can help me through inspiration as I seek Him in faith to understand what that is and do it, not just think about it... I'm probably going to read it everyday because it takes my affirmations up a level to the divine mission I know I have on the earth.”

- Sherri Porter

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