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The Consecrated Life Project was born of love and a desire to share stories that strengthen faith.

The Intention is to infuse hope, inspire connection, and deepen personal relationships with Jesus Christ as we allow His Grace to lift us and magnify us in fulfilling our divine missions.

It is growing into a global movement for Christ, and we appreciate your support!

Whether you have time, money, or resources to contribute, we need you!

Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for liking and sharing and spreading the word.

Thank you for being a light and sharing His love.

May God bless all your righteous endeavors!

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This is a global movement for Christ. We are preparing the hearts and minds of individuals to receive Him.

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Individuals or businesses that wish to remain anonymous in their giving. This can be for personal privacy or to support when acknowledgment may not be in the best interest of the organization or mission.

  • Appreciation from our hearts

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Individuals or businesses that align with the mission and values of the project and are interested in increased exposure and recognition of their support. We will customize a plan to help you reach your goals and move your mission forward. Below are some ideas of how that could look.

  • All benefits of being a Benefactor

  • Creation Session /w Livia to create a win-win that will bless your efforts as you help us in our mission

  • Special Highlight interview on YouTube / Podcast

*Please email and tell me more about you, your faith, your company, and your goals so we may support you in the best way possible.*

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